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China launches satellite to explore Moon's far side (07:10)
Beijing, May 21 (IANS) China launched a relay satellite on Monday to set up a communication link between Earth and the planned Chang'e-4 lunar probe that will explore the mysterious far side of Moon, which can not be seen from the Earth.

Kalki stresses importance of eco-friendly fashion (18:42)IANS Photo Service
New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) Actress Kalki Koechlin says adapting environmentally conscious fashion can make the world a better place.

Scientific research has three-fold objective, President tells IISER graduates (18:00)IANS Photo Service
Mohali, May 20 (IANS) Scientific research has three major objectives which should serve as a guiding light, President Ram Nath Kovind told graduating students of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) at their seventh convocation here on Sunday.

400 mn-year-old marine animal fossil found in China (17:10)
Beijing, May 20 (IANS) Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have recently found a fossilised body piece of an extinct class of marine animal known as Cystoidea or cystoids in southwest China's Guizhou Province.

Indian kids recall experience at US space centre (17:00)
By Nivedita Singh
New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) Not everyone gets a chance to live the life of an astronaut, operate space shuttles and rockets, and experience moonwalk but 23 students from different schools across India got this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience at a space camp in the US Space and Rocket Centre (USSRC).

Bacteria in placenta responsible for preterm births: Study (16:26)
London, May 20 (IANS) Scientists have found a higher number of pathogenic bacteria in placentas from women who delivered prematurely, supporting the presumption that maternal infection may cause preterm birth -- less than 37 weeks gestation.

Scientists convert plant matter into chemicals (14:08)
San Francisco, May 20 (IANS) A team led by an Indian-origin scientist from Sandia National Laboratories in California has demonstrated a new technology based on bio-engineered bacteria that can make it economically feasible to produce chemicals from renewable plant sources.

This protein can treat triple-negative breast cancer (11:18)
New York, May 20 (IANS) Researchers have developed a remedy to thwart the metastatic spread of breast cancer, a leading cause of death among women.

Smoking pot before 15 may up drug problem risk later (10:02)
Toronto, May 20 (IANS) If boys start smoking pot in early teenage life, they may be at a higher risk of developing drug problem as a young adult, a new study has said.

NASA exoplanet hunter swings by Moon, clicks first image (15:10)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 19 (IANS) On a mission to find thousands of new planets, NASA's next planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), has successfully completed a lunar flyby, bringing the satellite a step closer to searching for new worlds, NASA has said.

Russia can help India in nuclear medicine, says Indian expert (14:44)
By Biswajit Choudhury
Sochi (Russia), May 19 (IANS) Given the current high costs of making radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine, there is considerable scope of collaboration between India and Russia for their manufacture at affordable cost, according to an Indian expert.

Nostalgic exhibition marks International Museum Day (00:24)
Kolkata, May 19 (IANS) It was sheer nostalgia as inventions like typewriters, gramophones and musical box were showcased at an exhibition here on Friday to celebrate the International Museum Day.

NASA study shows freshwater decline in India (Lead) (17:48)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 18 (IANS) India is among the world's major hotspots which has seen a serious decline in the availability of freshwater due to overuse of water resources, reveals a new study that combined an array of NASA satellite observations of Earth with data on human activities.

NASA study warns of freshwater decline in India (11:30)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 18 (IANS) Availability of freshwater has declined in the northern and eastern parts of India, says a new study that combined an array of NASA satellite observations of Earth with data on human activities to map locations where freshwater is changing around the globe.

Ozone-destroying chemical emissions on rise despite ban (15:28)
Washington, May 17 (IANS) Emissions of one of the chemicals that can cause hole in the ozone layer are on the rise, despite an international treaty that required an end to its production in 2010, a new study says.

NASA should extend ISS life until at least 2028: US Senators (13:38)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 17 (IANS) NASA should extend the life of the International Space Station (ISS) until at least 2028, two US Senators said in a hearing to examine the future of the orbiting laboratory.

First stars that formed after Big Bang identified (10:22)
London, May 17 (IANS) Japanese scientists have identified some of the first stars to form in the Universe just 250 million years after the Big Bang, according to a study published in Nature magazine.

Two astronauts complete six-hour spacewalk (04:20)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 17 (IANS) Two flight engineers of the US space agency NASA completed the fifth spacewalk of this year out of the International Space Station on Wednesday.

A cost-effective way of arsenic sensing and removal (22:28)
Kolkata, May 16 (IANS) A Kolkata-based company in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research has come up with a cost-effective and user-friendly arsenic detection and removal sensor that is capable of sensing soluble arsenic (3).

NASA shares CubeSat version of 'pale blue dot' image (17:04)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 16 (IANS) NASA has just shared a new version of the famous "pale blue dot" image originally snapped on February 14, 1990 by the agency's Voyager 1 spacecraft from its perch at that time beyond Neptune.

Chimps sleep on cleaner beds than humans: Study (15:44)
New York, May 16 (IANS) If you think humans sleep on cleaner beds than other species, think again. According to a study, chimpanzees, our closest evolutionary relatives, keep their sleeping arrangements tidier than us.

Tiny NASA satellite maps global ice clouds (13:02)IANS Photo Service
Washington, May 16 (IANS) A bread loaf-sized satellite has captured the first global picture of the small frozen particles inside clouds, normally called ice clouds, NASA has said.

GEAC declines to give green light to GM mustard, seeks impact on bees (Comment: Special to IANS) (19:22)
By Vivian FernandesIANS Photo Service
New Delhi, May 15 (IANS) The regulator for genetically modified (GM) crops in its meeting on March 21 declined to reinforce its decision in May 2017 recommending approval for commercial cultivation of the GM mustard hybrid developed by a team of Delhi University scientists.

Autistic traits behind revolution in ice age art: Study (19:06)
London, May 15 (IANS) The ability to focus on detail, a common trait among people with autism, allowed realistic art to flourish 30,000 years ago during the ice age, according to researchers.

World's fastest water heater produces exotic state of liquid (18:18)
London, May 15 (IANS) In an experimental set-up that can be seen as the world's fastest water heater, scientists have used a powerful X-ray laser to heat water from room temperature to 100,000 degrees Celsius in less than a tenth of a picosecond - millionth of a millionth of a second.

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